Took a chance and stopped in for lunch on my way by. Was not disappointed, the staff were very helpful in explaining the menu. Minimal language barrier which was very nice. Very clean and friendly. They even offered me a table and tea or water while I waited for my takeout!
Will definitely be back.
Kyle Delaney

Absolutely delicious and spicy beef satay pho! We also ordered a limeade soda which was quite refreshing, as well as a mango salad which was a generous size and very fresh! The food was very well priced and quite delicious.
Sasha H

The Chicken Pad Thai and Vermicelli were not very flavourful nor spicy even though we asked for spicy. But the service was fast and pleasant. Their portion size is big.
Siva Dhayalan

Amazing beef pho and the yummiest grilled chicken i have had in a long time. Very clean and very fast service. Large quantity for the reasonable price.
Ingrid Quartermaine

An excellent experience with the whole family. We tried pho, rice and bbq meat dish, fried shrimp, and spring rolls. Very tasty. Excellent service from friendly staffs. Great atmosphere and layout. Washroom was also very clean, too. Will be back for more.
Daniel Canada

This spot is good! Reasonable pricing, large portions and the staff are constantly super friendly.
Toby Marquez